Drahken Kings

Sons of Islik and Dauban Hess, Kings of Hemispia, Illia and the Danias


Great and powerful kings of the Hemispial Peninsula and the Kingdoms of Dania. They are said to be descendants of Islik, the demigod son of Illiki Helios the Sun-Bull, and Daubun Hess, the Golden Emperor. These Drahken Kings command vast armies, that are currently at war with the Worm Kings of the West.


List of the most powerful Drahken Kings of the Hemispial Peninsula and Kingdoms of Dania:

Upahlat Hess, the Regent-King, Ruler of Illia

Arkham Hess, the Warrior Prince, Ruler of Hemispia

Pherex Hess, the Opal Prince, Ruler of Cavalonia

Aman Asura Hess, the Black Prince, Ruler of Mercria

Phyrus Hess, the Blood Prince, Ruler of Telesia

Dasiuss Crex Hess, the Northern Drahken, Ruler of Dania

Blasphipx Hess, the Cyclops prince, Ruler of Amora

Drahken Kings