Hell-Hounds of the Ulik Desert


Mysterious and barbaric horse-nomads from the deep south of the Ulik Desert.

From the writings of Baddassek:

“The Norqai Horse Nomads wear pale white armor and long white fur cloaks, travel accross vast lands mounted upon white stallons with horrifying speed. And in the full blow of winter’s snow they disappear into the enviornment and are very difficult to spot.”


Norqai in Sekereti, the common language of the peoples of Seker and the Ulik Desert, means “Hell Hounds” or “Demon Hounds”. Indeed the peoples of Seker and the merhcants whom travel the Ulik Desert talk frequently of these Hounds. Not much is known of their origins and culture but, their deeds are well-kown, too terrifyingly well-known for some people. The only people who have met the Norqai and survived are Ennenite Merchants who traverse the Ulik Desert from Hemispial Peninsula to Seker and are in frequent goods trades with the Norqai.

The following data has been recorded by the Ennenite Merhcant, Baddassek:

The Norqai
“The Hell-Hounds, as I have been informed by their leader the much aged Temugglin, are an ethnic branch from the barbarian tribes known as the Lokhites. These heartless and cruel barbarians worship no gods but instead offer human sacrifices to demons,these human sacrfices often being prisoners of war or some poor souls they have rounded up for the very purpose of sacrifice.”

“Although I have yet to met this legendary figure I have heard tales from the Norqai I have exchanged words with. They inform me Temugglin in their language, Tagkulik, means “King Of Kings”. They say the Temugglin was the man who united all the Lokhite tribes into one super clan which we know today as the Norqai. They even described his facial features to me, even though the did mention he hardly walks without his helmet on, Temugglin has a long face, with rigid chick bones and a straight nose that comes to a sharp point, all of this bordered by a mangle of long hair and a forest of a scruffy beard."

On the Move
" Lately however, I have heard that they have been employed by some rich warlord to launch raids and invasions in and around the Hemisplian Peninsula. For what reason I do not know, but, I do warn anyone whom pass through the Ulik desert: Hundreds upon hundreds of poeple have begun to disappear. Even the Ennenites, once protected by economic treaty, have begun to disappear. What are these Hell Hounds up to?"