Sun Court of Illia

After the year i281 and the death of the Golden Emperor, Dauban Hess, the Golden Empire broke into two rival courts. Both courts had their own reservations as to what was a proper mode of succession, the Eastern Drahken Kings advocated inheritance as the proper transmission of power, while the Imperial Court in Millene advocated the appointment of power to the loyal and virtuous. Soon the Eastern Kings broke all contact with the Imperial Court and reestablished the Sun Court in Heliopolis on the golden island of Illia.

The Golden Isle of Illia and the First Sun Court of Illia
The island of Illia is located at the most northern tip of the Hemispial Peninsula. This lonely isle is considered by all Scholar-magicians as the home of the Drahken Kings. It is recorded in the annals of the past that Islik, the demigod son of Illiki Helios, the Sun-Bull, was born on the isle of Illia and when he ascended to the throne of Illia he established his personal court of loyal nobles and warriors- The Sun Court. Soon after the establishment of the Sun Court, Islik waged numerous wars against the barbarian warlords of the Hemispial Peninsula, and eventually brought those lands under his control. Tributes were sent to him from all over Hemispial Peninsula and beyond. With his conquest complete he was then given the title of Islik King of the Earth.

The Sun Court at Heliopolis, capital of the Golden Isle Illia

However, Islik was overthrown by Israha, the Rebel Angel, who usurped his throne and cast him into exile. For 21 years, Islik wandered the world, traveling even beyond the Midlands and finally into the Underworld, performing Ten Victories during his journeys to prove his right to the throne. He returned from exile in triumph, and cast Israha into Hell before ascending into the Heavens into a new palace of his own making. There Islik became the Divine King of both Heaven and Earth, according to his followers.

His descendants and followers held near-divine power in his name throughout Illia and Hemispia. The greatest of them were called the Dragon Kings, since the Dragon is the symbol of worldly power.

Dauban Hess
In time, however, the Dragon Kings of Illia and Hemispia fell to squabbles amonst themselves, and war rent the land until Dauban Hess, a descendant of Islik, unified them again under his own banner and was hailed as the Conqueror King. Some claimed that Islik had descended from Heaven to sire Dauban Hess himself, so great was his power.

Dauban Hess consolidated Illia and Hemispia, and then struck out into the world. He conquered Amora with ease, and then the ancient courts of the Gola welcomed him with open arms, and he established his court at the city of Seker. There he was told of Nymarga the Tyrant, the great lord of Thessidia, by rumor a son of Israha. Nymarga had taken power in the West, and was being hailed as the Worldy Tyrant.

So Dauban Hess led his armies out of the Gola into Thessidia, and thus began the great war between the Conqueror King and the Worldly Tyrant. For twenty years they fought until Dauban Hess slew Nymarga and took his crown. He conquered Thessidia and Vanimoria, far into the West to Metea and Samarappa, before returning to conquer Dania. He received tribute from Khael, and in all the known world only a minor city-state, Palatia, refused to recognize him as the Golden Emperor of the World.

Dauban Hess moved the Sun Throne of Illia to Millene and established his own political court in Avella, capital of Thessidia, ruling over the largest empire in history. He tired of court life, however, and soon left on a great expedition to the East to find the Dawn, where Helios the Sun rises each day. He was never heard from again.

The Second Sun Court
Before sailing into the Golden Sea, Dauban Hess had appointed a series of great Kings who held power over his territories, each given a Dragon Throne as a sign of their authority in his name. As time passed without word from the Emperor, some of the Kings declared themselves powers in their own right, and fell into squabbling. In time, a split emerged between the generals appointed by Dauban Hess and the Dragon Kings of Illia, Hemispia and Dania, who held power as hereditary monarchs of the ancient Sun Court. None could hold the Golden Empire together on their own, and soon the Empire broke into many pieces, ruled by the Succesor Kings.

Worship of the Divine King suffered a schism. In the south and west, the Successor Kings of Thessid-Gola established the Phoenix Court at Millene, and asserted non-heriditary claims on kingship, being for the most part generals appointed to power. In the east and in Dania, where Dauban Hess had kept Dragon Kings in power, the hereditary principle was put in place, and the Sun Court was reestablished in Illia.

Sun Court of Illia